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"All About Painting"
All About Painting
Jack Drewes
Reflex Arcs and Reaction Rate

Objective: To investigate different reflex arcs and reaction rate.

Materials: rubber reflex hammer penlight or microscope light

30 cm ruler table or chairs

Procedure: KNEE JERK

1. have subject sit on a chair with their legs crossed and relaxed

2. using a reflex hammer, locate and gently strike the tendon below the knee cap.

3. a) describe the movement of the leg

4. ask the subject to clench a book with both hands and strike the tendon again.

b) compare the movement to 3a


5. have the subject remove their shoe and kneel on a chair with their feet hanging off the edge of the chair. Push the toes towards the leg of the chair and lightly tap the Achilles tendon with the reflex hammer.

c) describe the movement of the foot


6. have the subject remove a shoe and sock, sit on a chair and place the barefoot on an adjacent chair for support. Quickly slide the reflex hammer across the sole of the foot from heel to toe.

d) describe the movement of the toes


7. have the subject close one eye for about one minute. When the open the closed eye, compare the size of the pupils.

e) which pupil is larger?

8. Ask the subject to close both eyes for one minute. Once the eyes are

opened, shine a penlight in one of the eyes.

f) Describe the changes you observe in the pupil.


9. Ask your subject to place his or her forearm flat on the surface of a desk with their entire hand extended over the edge.

10. Ask the subject to place the index finger and thumb approximately 2 cm apart. Place a 30 cm ruler between the thumb and forefinger of the subject.

11. Indicate when ready, and release the ruler. Measure the distance the ruler falls before being caught. Repeat the procedure for...

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