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"all my sons by arthur miller"
all my sons by arthur miller
Janet Valerio
"All My Sons" Miller's Chief Criticism Of American Society A shot was heard throughout the Keller home as Joe ended his guilty, worthless life.Miller criticizes that American society has become corrupt- a place ofselfishness, where people care too much about themselves, and that whichbenefits them, and will go to any lengths to achieve that goal; even ifthe repercussions of their actions will bring harm to other people. Hestresses that money seems to be the key factor that drives society to thislevel of corruption. Miller emphasizes this point in several ways. Thefirst example is that Keller knowingly ships out cracked cylinder heads,that will crash an airplane if used, to prevent his business from goingbankrupt, claiming that he did it for his family. The second example isthat Sue would rather Jim make allot of money, and not do medicalresearch- which is what he really wanted to do. The third example is Jim'sabdication of his pursuit of medical research do to the lack of profitinvolved. In his play "All My Sons," Miller makes it apparent thatsociety in general values money and profit more than human life. He showsthis by his portrayal of Keller. Keller ships out cracked cylinder heads,aware that in flight they will cause planes to crash, to save his businessfrom being shut down. Furthermore, he goes on to allow the blame to fallon Steve, in order to save himself from going to jail, even though Stevewas not the only one guilty. Keller tries to rationalize his actions bysaying that he committed this heinous act for the benefit of his family-so that they will have money and everything else they need and can livehappily. "Chris... Chris I did it for you. It was a chance and I took itfor you." This portrays the human characteristic of creating a false senseof innocence in...

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"all my sons by arthur miller." Jun 21, 2018
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essay on all my sons by arthur miller
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