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"Alliance and Leicester Term Paper"
Alliance and Leicester Term Paper
Andres Cisneros
The Alliance and Leicester is an above all a mortgage specialist and intends to remain one. The financial Group has been operating since 1853 and offers a range of products and loan and insurance services throughout the UK. The Alliance and Leicester operates through 310 branches and 17,500 post offices. It has focused on so-called tradition savings, current account, credit card, consumer credit (housing and cars) and cash products. The company also provides a variety of insurance and pension services. The services offered are traditional ones, and the Alliance and Leicester has proved its effectiveness in this field.

Key Success Factors

Key success factors concern the product attributes, competencies, competitive capabilities, and market achievements with the greatest direct bearing on company profitability.

The Company was floated on the stock market in 1997 and now firmly established as a major financial services provider committed to provide customers with a wide range of mortgage, investment, insurance services, cash transmission and corporate banking facilities.

Against a background of rapid change and increased competition within financial services, the Alliance & Leicester Group has successfully met the challenges faced by the industry and they are demonstrated this by:

• announcing record profits following the business flotation and creating strong shareholder value.

• developing innovative products including the first money-back credit card and the recently launched free energy mortgage.

• diversifying activities across a broad range of businesses; in 1997 38% of operating profit was generated from areas other than the traditional mortgage lending and retail investments.

• ensuring Girobank maintains its market leading position in cash and cheque handling for the retail sector.

• reviewing our structures and processes, clearly focusing our operations on sales and customer service.

• establishing a clear market presence through strong branding.

• developing successful call centre operations, servicing all aspects of our personal and corporate customers' needs.

This provides only a...

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