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"american beauty"
american beauty
Tricia F. Doyle
American Beauty is the reflection of the people's secret storms to the outside. It mentioned

on the collapsing of the 'American Dream'. It shows how the individuals of the same family

can be indifferent from each other, how people can hide his or her character and his or

her preferences from outside. Film explains that people can easily tell lies for proving his/her

character to the outside. But the most important thing which the film focused on is the happy

death and the efforts of the people for that.

'American Dream' is the life philosophy of the standard American family. It tells that if you

have a wife, a job and a house that means you are happy. Lester is the main character of the

film. He has a wife, a job and a house. So according to 'American Dream' he must be happy;

but in the reality he is unhappy. He hasn't got any common features and pleasures with her

wife. They didn't make sex for about 20 years. He is in the '20 year-coma'. He has a job

which is a writer of a magazine but the problem is he doesn't like his job and he wants to quit

this job. In his house there is no peace; her wife and her daughter don't like him. Although all

of his efforts he couldn't have communication with her daughter. According to all of these

situations 'American Dream' is collapsed by 'American Beauty'.

Ricky is another important character in the film. He can easily lose his temper; because of

this he spends 6 months in the hospital. His father is working in the army and a high-

disciplinary man. His mother is very quiet person. Indifference is the main problem of this

family. Every individual are indifferent from each other in this family. They have no sharing

with each other. Although Ricky is a vegetarian person her mother offers...

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"american beauty." Sep 24, 2018
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essay on american beauty
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