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"American Museum Of Natural History Paper"
American Museum Of Natural History Paper
Jason Pinsky
The Earth formed when the sun and its forming of planets formed when a cloud of dust and gas condensed 4.6 billion years ago. In large areas, iron sinks to the center forming the core. The Mantle is made up from primarily of the minerals olivine and pyroxene. It takes up 80% of the planet. The oceanic crust typically differ from continental crust because Earth's surfaces cooled below 100 degrees C. Water rained out of the atmosphere. Continental Crust is very thicker then the oceanic crust. The oldest rock that was found on Earth was the Acasta Gneiss from the Canadian Shield. Quartz pebble formed 3 billion years ago but the zicron crystals are 4.276 billion years old. It undergoes uplift, erosion, and growth. The age of the earth was being solved in many different ways. In the 1700's they believed on the age by parts written in the bible, to getting seashells and fossils. In the 1800's for using studies of rocks to estimated earth's age. 1900's looking at meteorites and rocks by using new technologies.

Ice Core are 3 meters in lengths to form a core that penetrated through the entire 3022 meter thick Greenland Ice Sheet. Left core sample depth is 2708 meters in 88,670 B.C. Middle core sample depth is 1689 meters in 10,075 B.C. The right core depth is 1325.5 meters in 5,671 B.C. Solar radiation warms the Earths surface. Some of the hear radiated back to the atmosphere. It is trapped by greenhouse gases, without it, the Earth's average temperature would be below freezing. With it planet is warm to support life. Earth's temperature is changed because of the rotation of the planet and the rotation of the storms which can follow the planet and the areas of different climates. That climate changed effect through...

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