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"An Internet Article Review on Managing Change"
An Internet Article Review on Managing Change
Garrick Christian
This paper will examine Scott Simmerman's article, "Teaching the Caterpillar to Fly – Some Ideas on Managing Change (1999)." Resistance to change from the viewpoint of a highly resistant caterpillar will be discussed. The value of people as idea generators in discussion type settings will be identified as a benefit of diversity. This benefit when put to work in a team setting can lead to improvements which the Dilbert cartoon illustrates are so globally needed. Including people in the improvement process helps them overcome the natural resistance response to change allowing them to transition from caterpillar to butterfly.

"People will often resist change because they are comfortable with how things are, right now. By identifying Square wheels and Round Wheels, we increase discomfort with the way things are and we make change more likely" (Simmerman, 1999, p. 12). This author can relate to this in the work center that she currently finds herself employed. With the advent of technology, there are many opportunities for improvement. Computers and programs introduce and make round wheels available making the square way of doing things inefficient and obsolete. Unfortunately, people often resist change. This author, a purveyor of change, often encounters it. One coworker confided that "This is the way I have been doing it for 20 or more years. I am comfortable doing it this way and your wanting to change things is a shock to my system" (R. Correa, personal communication, n.d.)

"Two caterpillars are conversing and a beautiful butterfly floats by. One caterpillar turns and says to the other, You'll never get me up on one of those butterfly things." (Simmerman, 1999, p. 1) The theme of this story is about resistance to change. It doesn't matter if the change is beneficial it is still going to meet with resistance. When Simmerman (1999,...

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"An Internet Article Review on Managing Change." Aug 16, 2018
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essay on An Internet Article Review on Managing Change
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