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"An opinion you held before coming to college that has changed since"
An opinion you held before coming to college that has changed since
Garrick Christian
I love college. I really do, I’m not kidding. I think learning from other people is the most amazing thing. I love the environment and the satisfaction of getting a good grade after I’ve spent a lot of time studying and preparing. I love everything from failing test to knowledge breakthroughs (you know those moments where you get a wave of clarity?). But I didn’t always feel this passionate about school. There was actually a point in my life that I actually despised school and thought it was only formed as a penalty. We all as humans have to crawl before we walk. It takes going through academic experiences before college to realize it’s importance in personal and professional growth.

I started school when I was 4 because my birthday falls in October, and as far as I can remember I really hated school. It was wonderful to be home all day playing, watching TV and then one day, out of no where my mom wakes me up and leaves me at a big building that I have never seen before with a bunch of kids that want me to share my toys. I thought that was terrible. How could anyone want to share their toys?

Despite my problem with sharing in general I made it ok through elementary. Junior High School was sort of the same. I made good enough grades to get me through High School but never put any real effort and I never understood the point of it. Then I entered college.

At first I was a bit apprehensive; so far I hadn’t held a good opinion about school so I thought, “This is really going to be hard”. My first two of weeks were terrible. I had a hard time adjusting. The work I was being...

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"An opinion you held before coming to college that has changed since." Aug 15, 2018
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essay on An opinion you held before coming to college that has changed since
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HI!! Somebody help me with my paper on An opinion you held before coming to college that has changed since!
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