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"Analysis of "A Road Not Taken""
Analysis of "A Road Not Taken"
Shelia Olander
The Road Not Taken"

I chose to do a poetry explication on Robert Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken". I enjoyed this poem and have read many poems written by him. First, I just want to give a little background information on him. Robert Frost was one of the most inspiring and loved poets of the twentieth century. His work is concentrated on the New England Landscape. Most of the poems written by Frost have involved fear, tragedies, and life itself. Frosts poems have a great deal of symbolism involved, "The careful local observations and homely details of his poems often have symbolic, and even metaphysical, significance" (Robert Frost). In this poem he goes into the theme of life itself, the continuous journey, and the difficult decisions that have to be made along the way. This poem also is about choice. Choosing the path that is right for the person that will be traveling it. It could be the one less traveled or the more frequently traveled. It's up to the traveler to make that decision.

In this poem, Frost believes that the road we choose will make us who we are. In line one of the poem, Frost introduces the metaphor that is sustained throughout the poem, the diverging roads. In line two "And sorry I could not travel both…" (1127,L2) conveys that it is always difficult to make a decision because it is impossible not to wonder where each road will lead. It also shows limitation, he must choose just one. He may regret the choice he makes, he knows that in a lifetime, it is impossible to travel down every path there is. In line three he says "…and long I stood" (1127, L3), this shows that clearly he was in deep thought as to which road to take...

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