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"Analysis of the movie Snatch"
Analysis of the movie Snatch
John Mayes
Theme: is that of rivalry and revenge. Rivalry between perpetrators seeking the same goals/ motives. Revenge of evil against evil and good against evil.

Key characters

Turkish - the most important character of all, he is the narrator of the story. He is essentially a boxing promoter but also owns a gaming parlour to keep him occupied when there's no "action" in the ring. His absolute informal style of delivering the story helps the movie to connect to the audience to a great extent. One of the very few good characters in this movie whose personality has no crooked traits whatsoever, a good sense of humour coupled with a tendency to put up a straight face even in the tightest of situations makes Turkish an enjoyable character to watch.

Tommy – baby faced. Immature. Childish. The perfect adjectives to describe, Turkish's partner. Short and round faced, he is looked down upon by quite a few of the movie's characters and has earned the nick "Turkish's female friend". His injudicious actions get him into as much gravy as they do to his partner. As Turkish says, " I try to keep him outta as much trouble as he gets me into."

Cousin Avi – a New York based diamond crook would be the best way to describe Avi. Middle aged and Jewish, he borders on paranoid behavioral tendencies when faced with stressful situations. Avi seems like a nice guy who's out to get his friend out of trouble, but don't let that fool you. He has an equally cold side. One of the few characters in this movie who get things their way towards the end of the movie.

Mickey – as the Brits would say, 'a gawd-damned pykie' who spends his life in a caravan with his mom. A bare-knuckle boxing champion, he is discovered...

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essay on Analysis of the movie Snatch
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