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"Anger and Aggression"
Anger and Aggression
Everyone has felt anger or aggression many times in there life. It happens all of the time. We all face the same challenge of trying to control our temper. It may be easier for some people than it is for others. Many studies show that it is healthy for a person to let out their anger once in a while. They believe that it will help in your relationship with others and that it will increase your self-esteem. They also believe that holding anger in is bad and unhealthy for your body. If you let the anger build up it could go from just being a verbal argument to a point in which someone or something is hurt or destroyed. To control your anger you should release your aggression in a way that is not harmful to others or yourself. People that look into a problem more closely can control their anger better. These people get all of the facts and make a proactive decision. Also by looking into the problem your may find out that it wasn't as bad as you first thought. Looking into the problem will also help you look at the consequences of the action you are going to take. Researchers also believe that tv and movies have an impact on the ways we release our aggression. They believe that in some way we are all influenced in some way by movies and tv shows that we watch. If we can learn to control our anger we will see that our life, and everyone else's life is a lot safer and more peaceful. Some people may ask, "What causes a person to feel angry?" There are two answers to the question. The first is that you may feel angry with yourself or something that you may...

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essay on Anger and Aggression
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