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"Anime and its effects on Japanese culture"
Anime and its effects on Japanese culture
Angelia Holliday

Japanese culture is heavily influenced by their style of cartoons, anime (which is derived from a French word), which is also also known as Japanimation. Anime is simply cartoons which have Japanese origin. Popular examples of this are Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Thundercats. One of the MAJOR differences between anime and U.S. animation is the quality of storytelling and level of understanding at which the story develops. Though things are changing in the U.S., the majority of animation is geared at young minds and actually are almost insulting to those young minds in the treatment of the story.Anime in Japan is made for all types of audiences including children, adolescents, and adults. There are categories of anime and manga (Japanese comic) for girls, boys, young girls, young boys, adolescent boys, adolescent girls, conservative adults, non-conservative adults and so on. The subjects of anime range from history (past and future), to fantasy, dramatic, science fiction, popular culture, cyber-reality, cyber-punk, adult, action, romance, political, and more. All of these elements and more can be found wrapped up in some of the most amazingly artistic, detailed, and revolutionary animation ever seen. Anime comes in many different forms, such as manga, t.v shows, movies and more. When many people hear the word anime they think of bloody, gory, fighting scenes, when if fact anime is so much more. As stated above, anime has many genres to suit the likes of audiences of all ages. They have funny shows like Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z for the younger audience, shows like Dragon Ball Z and Fushigi Yuugi for the teenagers, and shows like Perfect Blue and Venus 5 for the adults (or perverts). Anime effects the way people in Japan act, how they see the world, political aspects, and deals...

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"Anime and its effects on Japanese culture." Jun 21, 2018
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essay on Anime and its effects on Japanese culture
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