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"Art and Ethics"
Art and Ethics
Jessica Linton
Jim Homfer


In my research I found several papers with people's opinions, but it seems like everyone has a different opinion on the subject, so here is mine.

Art is a form of expressing ourselves, and sharing with each other. Therefore it is also a reflection of us in a way. So, people can only be expected to produce art that reflects the way they are themselves. If the artist does not have the same views as you, you can't expect them to make art that goes along with your views. So I think in the area of art, "to each his own" is a good statement. However, I also think that art should never be used to directly offend people, or infringe on their rights, nor should it go against the law. I remember hearing about someone taking a painting of Jesus and rubbing elephant dung all over it, calling it art. I don't know the entire situation here, but it sounds more like someone trying to get attention, rather than making art, and they new they would directly offend people.

In my art, I see things a specific way, and have ideas that I think may look neat. This is usually what prompts my projects. Ethical values have never been a big part of my art. Thinking back, I have made things that I like, and used colors that are satisfying to me. So in that way I guess art is a self-pleasing act. Even when I make something for someone else, such as a flower vase that I made for my girlfriend, I still made it according to what I thought looked good. This is because we only have one mind, and can't see what others see. Film seems to be the biggest area of art that expresses ethical views....

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