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"art history commanaders vs warriors"
art history commanaders vs warriors
Jessica Linton
Commanders Versus Warriors

The art work left by the ancient Egyptians during the Predynastic and Old Kingdom periods were very similar. The Predynastic period preceded the Old kingdom roughly in the years of twenty five hundred B.C. The art work during these time periods followed a set of rules, called the Canon, regarding proportions and the human figure. The same rules were followed during both period, but it is evident that the artists of the New Kingdom where changing and fiddling with the Canon ever so slightly. "The Palette of King Narmer," from the Predynastic period, and the "Painting relief of Ti watching a hippopotamus hunt," from the New Kingdom, are excellent examples of a shift in the way powerful people were displayed in art work, yet were still very similar. Powerful people, such as kings, priests and officials, were displayed disconnected from others much more during the New Kingdom than the Predynastic period.

The "Palette of King Narmer" is a phenomenal representation of the Predynastic period, as it came from Hierakonpolis, Egypt during the years three thousand to twenty nine twenty B.C.. It shows the power of King Narmer during a war between upper and lower Egypt. King Narmer is shown victorious in battle as he kills an enemy on one side of the Palette. Above, his name is written in hieroglyphics, and a bird watches over king Narmer. Behind him, a much smaller figure, most like a servant, stands. On the backside of the palette large serpents are intertwined in the center. The painting is divided horizontally into sections. The serpents lie in the middle section. On the top section King Narmer's army is shown victorious.

The "Painted relief of Ti watching over a hippopotamus hunt" is painted on limestone, and lies in the mastaba of King Ti, which dates back...

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essay on art history commanaders vs warriors
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