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"Baroque Art"
Baroque Art
Darren McCutchen
What is Baroque art? Formally, Baroque art applies to the era in art history that dominated most of arts of the seventeenth century (the enlightenment or, what we call the Age of Newton). The era is differentiated from earlier periods by the currents of individualism and nationalism, currents that are fundamentally a product of the ideas emerging as a result of the development of printing around 1450.

In general, Baroque artwork is elaborate, energetic, and passionate. The use of curves and detail are characteristic of the movement. Baroque is often associated with dynamic and rich images of textured, flowing robes. Although the period is also strongly associated with religious art, the Catholic Counter-Reformation gives much of its impetus. Not all Baroque work is related to any church religious symbolism.

The Baroque in the North of Holland took a decidedly different turn from the Southern baroque. This Protestant area was extraordinarily liberal and cosmopolitan and wealthy. A healthy middle and merchant class thrived there and there developed a strong demand for art - art created expressly for the home: interiors, still-life, landscapes and portraits - the artist was also free to do what he or she liked - paint first - sell later. So in many respects Dutch art reflects the society from which it emerges

Still life had since been abandoned since the times of the ancient Romans. The ancient Romans used still life paintings as a means to poke fun at social manners. When the Dutch revived still life it was used as reinforcement to the idea that all things pass and that we had better examine our consciences. In baroque still life insects, snails, flowers, and fruit are all commonly used. In these instances the insects and snails are eating and destroying the food and flowers. The flowers die very quickly...

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