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""Battle of Algiers"(How does the film make the viewer sympathize with the Algerians?)"
"Battle of Algiers"(How does the film make the viewer sympathize with the Algerians?)
Joel Chibota
I thought it would be relatively easy to write about the film's efforts to make the audience sympathetic for the Algerian people. To aid my efforts, I opted to go online to learn a little more about Algiers' attempts to free themselves from France. As I was browsing around, I found several references to the film, which not only aided my argument, but also strongly opposed the singular feeling of compassion towards the Algerians. The article also suggested that the film presents cause for sympathy towards the French at this time of revolution. I found this amazing until I read an article that better explained other film's depiction of Algerian liberation in comparison to "Battle of Algiers." The article reads,

"Algerian films about the national liberation war generally conform to the rule that war films are implicitly or explicitly propagandist in nature. But the most celebrated film about the Algerian war, Pontecorvo's The Battle of Algiers, is a striking exception. Not only does it depict both sides of the conflict with objectivity and detachment, and both its Algerian and French victims with equal sympathy, it also refuses to moralise about the methods used by the French in suppressing the terrorism of the FLN" ().

After reading this, I looked back at the notes I had scribbled during the film. After reflecting for a while, I came to the conclusion that the article held more truth than I had originally thought. However, since this is supposed to reason why the film evokes sympathy for the Algerians, which is what I will focus on.

The first thing that struck me was the actual number of people involved on both sides. The French have this huge army and the Algerian "revolutionaries" are a very small group. In fact, the FLN is composed of only four or...

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essay on "Battle of Algiers"(How does the film make the viewer sympathize with the Algerians?)
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