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"Blood Brothers"
Blood Brothers
Tamara Moore
What Devices and Techniques Does Willy Russell Employ in "Blood Brother"? How Successful Are They In Communicating The Themes & Ideas Of The Play?

To start a play each dramatist has to make a number of decisions. They have to decide what they want the viewers to think of the play, whether it should be believable or just to convey a theme and for the audience to sit in judgment of the play. In this play Russell decided to make the audience sit in judgement, and they were sitting in judgement of why the twins died, and he did so by using a series of techniques and devices to make sure there was a barrier, to make us concentrate on how the play explores the inequalities of the class system. Blood Brothers was a creative experiment, where two brothers are split at birth and placed into different classes and see how it affected their lives. This does indeed sound like a Greek myth, but there are no Greek myths about twins secretly parted at birth, and that die on the 'self-same day' after learning the truth about their background. This shows us that the underlying themes in this play are of superstition and class.

Most of the techniques and devices used in Blood Brothers have been used before. Aristotle was a Greek playwright born in 384 BCE. He believed that every play should follow a series of unties, such as it should follow real time, Blood Brothers does not fit into this category as the storyline spreads over a period of 35 yrs. He also believed that a lot of the play should remain in the same place but blood brothers does not follow this rule either as the mid way through the play the storyline shifts to the country. The third...

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