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"British Rock Invasion: The Beatles and Pink Floyd"
British Rock Invasion: The Beatles and Pink Floyd
Why was British rock music so successful internationally in the 1960's. Just whom do we attribute the modern era of music? The answer to these questions is quite simple, the British. Their influence on American musical life has left a lasting indention—one that will probably live forever. During the 1960's, there was a drastic change that occurred in music worldwide as people began to stand up for their beliefs and unite for the common good. The young people of the day were dubbed baby boomers and were quite possibly the largest and most influential force in the world. No one could have predicted the emergence of so many successful groups from England's underground and mainstream. Groups like the Beatles and Pink Floyd typified this international movement of the British invasion of music into the world cultures by invoking a large fan base and initiating a new drug culture.

The British invasion began internationally in the early 1960's as bands like the Animals and the Rolling Stones entered the United States. These bands entered on what could be called the first wave of the British invasion internationally. One reason they were so successful is that they took a familiar American rhythm and blues sound and expanded on its wide range of instruments and vocals. They took a chance in leaving England to play abroad, but ultimately they paved the way for other British rock bands to break the international barrier(4).

Meanwhile, in Liverpool, England, a new group was forming that would change the face of rock forever. They called themselves the Beatles and their names(John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr) would be forever engraved in the minds of people for generations to come. They began a new era of music in which they added melody to rock, accompanied by meaningful...

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