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"Business Ethics Essay Example"
Business Ethics Essay Example
Jack Drewes
I am very grateful at the experience I have gained and all of the lessons that I've learned in my current position. I hesitate to discuss the type of issue that comes to mind with the topic of "Critical Thinking Styles and Forces of Influence," but the most difficult issue that I have encountered in my current position is not a technical issue but rather a people issue. Furthermore, it is specifically a management issue. I think it may be said that for many people—possibly even most people—it is the people that you work with that can either make or break a job. The people that you work with can make you either look forward to coming to work every day but can also be the source of dreading and resenting work. I cannot tell you how many mornings I wake up with a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach dreading the day to come. I absolutely love my customers and I dearly love technical support, but a very poor manager has placed quite a damper on my enthusiasm for the past several years. However, I am happy to report that despite these adversities in the office that I have found peace and resolve for myself. So, not to worry, I'll explain the negativity of the management dilemma at work but I will also cover a much brighter resolve that has brought new focus to me and to my career.

When I first came on board with the help desk, the role of supervisor had simply fallen to the network administrator. His primary role was server support and he despised the additional obligation of supervisor. There were very few established processes or procedures conventions in place for the department and the group simply limped along rather haphazardly without much...

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