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"Career essay"
Career essay
Anthony Pacella
The career that I choose to research was Computer Engineer. One of the reasons why I choose to research this occupation is because I am very interested in the field of computer science and because someday I hope to work in the field. I also choose this particular occupation because it receives a relatively high salary compared with other occupations in the field, and salary is an important issue for me. I also love using computers, I use my computer almost every day. When one of my family members computer breaks or when our home network is not working, I'm usually the first person to try and fix the problem. Also, many people have told me that computer engineering is growing fast and there will be many good opportunities to come. "I was told in college that computer programming is the fastest-growing carreers there is; that is true, but its not hiring a lot of new people" (Mitchle)

In today's competitive economy having a technical advantage over others can be the difference between success and failure. This is where computer engineering come in. Computer engineers design, troubleshoot, and develop programs and computer systems for many different applications. Many engineers are being hired today by companies to build and maintain their networks and computers. Enginners are also in high demand, especially to develop solutions for faster and better computers to aid in business, accounting, telecommunications, and almost any job where you would use a computer.

In order to be a good computer engineer you must show that you are fairly competent in certain social skills, complex problem solving skills, and technical skills. The social skills you must have for this occupation are coordination, and you must work well with other people. The technical skills needed are technology design, testing, troubleshooting, and judgment and...

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