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"Catcher In The Rye Review in Chapters Organized Higschool"
Catcher In The Rye Review in Chapters Organized Higschool
Chapters 1-3

Catcher in The Rye

After discussing the book catcher in the rye I have already began to like and I have started reading it and being open to the character. After reading through chapters

One and three I have not seen any signs yet of Holden's mind not being right or something being wrong with his head so far to me he seems ok although I have realized that so far most of the problems in his life are around him his surroundings not him like the people around him and the things he had to deal with although it does seem like sometimes he thinks to much into things well actually u can never think to much into things he just thinks more than you would think that others would the way he tells the story seems like he is smarter than what his grades show and he is failing all his classes but 1 but is now kicked out of his school it doesn't seem like he likes it that much though anyway because he believes that everyone there is phony well not everyone but just speaking in general like I am pretty sure that he mentioned the principal in there or is it the counselor. And there is something about thins teacher that he likes he is a real old guy and he always calls him boy i am not sure why though but I think it gets on his nerves and he seems really sick because he is on a lot of medicine. And even though he is friends with the teacher he kinda seems to dislike him at the same time. For example he hates when he calls him boy and he notices everything that is wrong with them anything that he does wrong Holden points...

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essay on Catcher In The Rye Review in Chapters Organized Higschool
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Book reviews / Catcher in the Rye
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