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"Causes Of School Falure Paper"
Causes Of School Falure Paper
Rainey Day
Every year more than 300,000 students fail out of college in the United States. The impact of college failure can damage a person's self-esteem, which consequently can influence his or her entire lifetime. Many college students are oblivious to the many obvious causes of failure. Some causes of failure are the lack of high school preparation, the increase of personal freedom and the lack of determination.

One cause of failure in college students is the lack of high school preparation. One reason for poor high school preparation is the low educational standards set for a high school diploma. A student may struggle in college because of his or her educational background does not meet the academic demands of the college in which he or she attends. Many students are placed in remedial programs to make up for the lack of effort put forth in high school. Another reason for poor high school preparation is that teachers did not teach students how to evaluate their own work. In high school, judging a students work is primarily the teachers responsibility. Many students were unable to develop high standards for quality work. A student frequently overestimates his or her understanding of college material and quality of his or her written work. Yet another reason for poor high school preparation is the teachers lack of teaching responsibility to students. In high school when a student is unprepared for a test he or she can simply skip the day and make up the test at a latter date. Most high school students were allowed to redo class assignments or turn in late work to the teacher, which gave students a false advantage when it comes to college. For these reasons, many students were set up for nothing but failure.

Another cause of failure in college is the...

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