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"cheka secret police"
cheka secret police
Ryan Wilkins
Our civilization is called M-ville. Our capital is Whalerville which is located in the middle

of our civilization. Our population is one and a half million people. We

chose this amount because its not to many people, but its not to little either. Our civilization is

located in the Midwest. The states that are included are Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. Around

our borders are the united states of America. Included

in our land mass are all of the great lakes. Our food is heavily dependent on farming, some of our

crops include corn, many types of vegetables and wheat.

The government of M-ville is a democracy (like the United States). With this type of government,

the people choose their leader and the people who follow them. The leader at the beginning of

our civilization to get things started will be Pat and I, we will then hold an election of who should

lead the country next. Law enforcement will consist of an army. Since we are a fresh country, a

draft will be held and every man who is over 18 will be required to join. Once the age of fifty is

reached, you will be required to remove yourself from the army. A police force will also be made

up. Anyone who is again, over 18 is enabled to join the police force as well. But not required to

do so. The functions of the

government will be based on a democratic system. The laws of our civilization consist of 1.No

stealing or cheating. This law is important because if we have stealers and cheaters, we will get

nothing accomplished. 2. No killing of people (enemy exception). This law is important because

if we kill our civilization we fail. Contribution to the government (taxes) will be 10% income tax

and 2% sales tax. This is important because without this, we cannot have such things as clean

streets and the...

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