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"Child Abuse And The Internet Essay Example"
Child Abuse And The Internet Essay Example
Rainey Day

In the shadow world of child abuse, the Internet is a Stroke of luck. The sinister threat of an

increasingly sophisticated and devious internet trade with dues-paying organizations promoting

and condoning pedophilia over the Internet and the trading of meticulous records of their

collections and victims are on the rise. By use of the computer, these groups can quickly

organize material, communicate with others who share like interests and troll the net for potential

victims, seek validation through communication with like minded abusers, and find comfort in

the secret corridors of cyber-space. Child molesters can remain in teen and pre-teen chat rooms

indefinitely without arousing suspicion. Up loading, exchanging, and often selling of detailed

logs of their experiences and sexual conquests. Through these electronic arenas, pedophiles has

unlimited and unrestricted access to vulnerable children. Chat rooms makes it much easier and

less risky to interact with children. Governments and law officials recognize the internet could

lead to a substantial rise in child abuse. Delivering material into the home, putting ideas into

people's heads, from fantasizing about abusing adolescents to actual live baby abuse and

bondage. The fact that what people are watching an abuse actually taking place can make them

think about doing it themselves Today, any man, woman or child with a modem can use the

most effective tool for the distribution of pornography the world has ever seen. In recent years,

the creation of these groups and the flood of pornography over the Web have terrified and

enraged Americans some times to the point of vigilante justice. DARK SIDE OF THE WEB


Children are innocent and vulnerable. They are interested in obtaining knowledge. And

the Internet provides a doorway to the information highway. Anything they want to know is at

their fingertips. Unfortunately, the computer is a double-edged sword. Even things they do not

want to know nor need to know is out there also....

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