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"Choice of Application for ICT Mobile Phones"
Choice of Application for ICT Mobile Phones
Leonard Herriman
For my assignment I used Microsoft Excel. I thought that this would be a good package to use because of its many different features. I felt that it had the best features available that were suitable for my task.

There were many advantages to Excel.

Using Excel, I was able to enter text, charts, graphs and also formulas. I found that I could input data very easily and the package helped me present my data in a very clear and organized way, more so than if I had used a different application such as Word. If I had used word, I would have had to calculate and enter in the information I needed every time.

However, by using Excel I could enter formulas and therefore I did not have to change everything myself when I entered in a new piece of information, but rather they changed automatically. By adding these formulas all my calculations were worked out for me. I could also see what would happen if I added different values to my spreadsheet without having to change everything else i.e. a computer model. If I had have used Word then I would have had to do all calculations by myself.

Using Excel I was able to add charts to my work which helped me to present my information even more clearly and also more attractively.

Collecting Information

I got the information which I required to do my assignment from 'The Link' catalog. I obtained this from The Link mobile phone store in Newry. I also did some ringing around to other mobile phone stores to inquire to see if their prices were the same or cheaper.


After finishing my assignment and using Microsoft Excel to complete it, I can now come to a conclusion on what tariff would be best for the student and the sales...

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"Choice of Application for ICT Mobile Phones." Aug 19, 2018
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