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"Citizen McKane: A Trip to McDonalds"
Citizen McKane: A Trip to McDonalds
Alexander Bartfield
When i was little and had no sense, I took a wiz on an electric fence. It hurt so bad that it shook my balls and I took a crap in my overalls. This essay is fake please do not use it.

One time I looked in the mirror while i was naked. I saw up my butthole. It blew my fucking mind.

Then one time at band camp i stuffed a flute up my pussy. The metal gave me a rash and it has closed up since then. Ah, youth.

So William Randolf Hearst shows up at a bar and orders a Martini. Then he is kidnapped and taken away to Xenu to see the intergalactic space lord who has taken the world hostage and is forcing the Thetans to keep being reborn into the body of humans until they figure out the true nature of reality.

I hope this gibbrish was sufficient, as i don't plan i writing an actual essay. Thank you find free essays dot com, for making this process so convenient. And i thank god every day that I don't blow up. It is bitching at me right now to write more words so these words you are reading are mostly just to fill space therefore I hope that I have done enough rambling. My business teacher is a bigtime cock smoker. Seriously, I spent half a day writing my paper and he gave me a C plus. What nerve. I wonder how many words this is going to be. Is this the magical number. How about this sentence. If i was you, mister free essays dot com, I would have somebody view these essays to make sure they don't just fill in a bunch of shit and get away with it....

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"Citizen McKane: A Trip to McDonalds." Aug 20, 2018
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essay on Citizen McKane: A Trip to McDonalds
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