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"Civilize them"
Civilize them
Tricia F. Doyle
Civilize Them With a Stick (response)

Anna Long

Ever since the beginning of human history, people have induced their way of life upon others. Generally, this is because of a belief that their own beliefs are superior to others. The problem can be that people often tend to do whatever it takes to achieve these end results. Those who wish to change the world for what they believe to be for the better, use corrupt means. In the selection Civilize them with a Stick by Mary Crow Dog, she writes about a group of people who feel they have the right to tell others what to do. The oppressors in her story believe their ways to be superior and do not care how to achieve the end result, as long as it is achieved. The Catholic nuns in the story believe themselves to be qualified to rule over and change the Native Americans sent to their school. However, they are far from having the true authority to forcibly change the beliefs of others.

Mary Crow Dog writes about her experiences in a Catholic school. She explains how religion was forced down her throat in an attempt to socialize Indians into an Anglo way of life. The nuns taught theories of Catholicism, and then they would be completely hypocritical by beating the children. Crow Dog writes about one time when her grandmother was put in solitary confinement after getting caught playing jacks with another student, "After she came out she promptly ran away, together with three other girls. They were found and brought back. The nuns stripped them naked and whipped them." These nuns had especially no right to rule over the Native American children if they cannot even follow the basic pillar of Catholicism – Love.

Catholicism, in pure form, teaches religious tolerance to...

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