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"Comparing Edgar Degas work with Henry Toulouse-Lautrec's"
Comparing Edgar Degas work with Henry Toulouse-Lautrec's
Novelett Roberts
Going to Norton Simon Museum for the firs time was a wonderful experience for me. I was so amazed by collection that this museum owns, so many great artworks. For this assignment I've decided to pick a painting of my favorite artist Edgar Degas and compare is to another very interesting painter Henry Toulouse-Lautrec.

First painting that I will going to analyze in next couple of paragraphs was painting done by Edgar Degas. The title of this masterpiece is "Dancers in the Wings and it was done in 1880. Degas used a different variety of media, however to create this piece he had used Pastel and tempera on paper. Work was mounted to the paperboard. By using pastels as a medium he was successful in achieving luminous colors and diaphanous textures. By making very fine texture and using brilliant, expressive clear colors he achieved this, sheer transparent look. Degas used fast, noticeable strokes of color in some parts of his painting, contrasted by non-detailed sketches in others. This piece, like many other Degas works which depicted ballerinas, exemplifies method of arranging figures asymmetrically. None of the dancers were neatly positioned in the center of the floor. Rather, they are portrayed in their natural state of being, usually in the progress of moving. In this painting ballerina that stands in the front of us is partially blocking another one in the back, while the one in the front is also half way vertically cut off by the picture frame. Approximate dimensions of this piece is 27 x 19 inches.

Degas was best known as an Impressionist. He initially called himself "realists," which pointed to their interest in drawing inspiration from their own environments and experiences.

Within his lifetime, as today, Degas was most celebrated as the painter of one subject: the ballet. Degas was...

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essay on Comparing Edgar Degas work with Henry Toulouse-Lautrec's
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