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comparison essay
Jason Cashmere
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An education is very important to ones successes in life. Why someone wouldn't want to accept this gift still baffles some of the greatest minds. As know, for every action, there is a reaction. Unfortunately, the effects of being a high school dropout are extremely melancholy. Dropouts don't get the good job therefore, they aren't paid the top salaries they desire, and they are looked down upon by others because there intelligence level to be an educated being has not been met.

Dropping out of school leaves one limited in the possibilities for the future. You would be a thirty-year-old adult with the intelligence of an eighth grader or even worse. The majority of people that will associate with you are those who either have dropped out of school with you or are just not capable of understanding the concepts of an education. These are the people that you will be able to be free around and the ones you can call your true friends. Your might try to mingle with those whose intelligence levels are higher than yours are but this would never work unless you both are pretending to be one another's friend. The conversations you would carry wouldn't be as long; you both wouldn't be able to go to the same places because either you wouldn't enjoy it or you couldn't afford it, unlike your other low-minded friends. You might get feed up with living paycheck to paycheck and decide to achieve a better paying job. The truth is, no high company is going to hire some one without an education that hasn't even accomplished a high school education. You would be a waste of there time because they are looking for improved things to help run their business. As you can see, a drop out will...

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