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comparison essay
Ryan Wilkins
In the military, everything revolves around discipline. The military is incredibly different from our everyday lives because you are told what to do, how to do it, how to eat, drink, and even act. When in the military you are trained to defend your country from foreign invaders. During World WarII the army or the military wanted to conduct a test to see if black or colored people could fly a military plane. The military had tests being conducted on all blacks that wanted to fly in the United States Air Force.

Hannibal is a young colored man and he has always had dreams of flying. After passing the tests Hannibal was accepted into a military base called Tuskegee and on the way there he started making a few friends. During his training and his entire military career Hannibal had always been confronting more challenges or you could event think of them as tests to see if he was able to handle the humiliation. For example when the new trainees had to give up their train seats on their way to Tuskegee for prisoners or war Hannibal could not believe that these people running the station were giving the best seats to their enemies while the people that fight for them or taken to the back of the train. After confronting numerous more obstacles Hannibal had realized that he and his friends struggles to succeed and go forward were all a game to those in the higher position.

Now the government and the military in Ender's game were seeking the next Augustus Caesar or Napoleon for them because they needed to defend the human race, which was being threatened by an alien race. Ender was a young prodigy who was considered a genius in the eyes of the government. At the age...

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