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"Cooperative VS Dual federalism"
Cooperative VS Dual federalism
Helene Hannah
In our world today there are three major structures for government. The most prevalent is the unitary system, where power is held in at a national level and very little power is delegated to the smaller political subdivisions. The least common is the Confederation, which is a union of similar states with only some power being held at a national level. Then there is Federalism, which is an equal sharing of powers between both national, local and state governments. The United States has gone from being colonies under the British unitary system, to a confederation following the revolution, to what in my opinion is most successful thus far, a federal system by the Constitution. Based upon the enormous size of our nation and the great deal of diversity among our people, federalism has proven to be the strongest form of government our nation is able to put together. However, federalism in the US has evolved a significant amount since its initial inception in the late 1780's. Since that time, two major kinds of federalism have become dominate in the political world.

The first form of federalism, which holds the federal and state governments as sovereign and equal, is dual federalism. Entailed in this theory is the idea that the parts of the Constitution are interpreted very tightly. If the constitution does not clearly grant a duty then the federal government has no jurisdiction. Examples of where the constitution would be followed very tightly were in: the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, the Necessary and Proper Clause, the Commerce Clause, and the Supremacy Clause. Under dual federalism, it was made very sure that power was delegated to the rightful recipient according to the exact words of the constitution. With this form of federalism it seems to me that a majority of the...

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