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"Creating realistic characters in Catcher In the Rye"
Creating realistic characters in Catcher In the Rye
Gelinde Cobbs
Creating living characters is one of the greatest challenges for novelists, often due to the extraordinary situations the characters themselves are placed in. However, Salinger is able to accomplish this feat in his novel Catcher in the Rye by giving the characters flaws, thus making them more human. The characters are also very human, in that they have reasonable reactions that we can understand. Salinger creates the characters with the intent that we can relate to them, allowing us to do just that and at the same time making them seem even more real and understandable to us. This also makes Salinger's main character, Holden, seem a bit unreal, as most readers are unable to relate to some of the dire circumstances he is placed in, but through this, the other characters seem even more real. In all of this, we can truly relate to his characters, thereby making them more realistic.

In every novel that seeks to create living characters, the characters have their flaws and traits. As no human being is perfect, we can often relate to these flaws and traits, making the characters in Catcher in the Rye understandable and more realistic. Each character has their own flaw in this novel; Holden has his overreactions and insensible nature (getting hyped up about Stradlater not caring if Jane still kept her kings in the back row, and also leaving his bloody nose alone, instead of cleaning it up a bit); Stradlater losing his cool (striking Holden because he gave into anger); and even Mr Spencer (being boring). These flaws and traits allow us to relate to the characters by us either having them, or knowing people that do. As soon as we can envision somebody like the character in the book, Salinger has accomplished his goal in creating living...

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