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"Crime and Punishment"
Crime and Punishment
Carlos Hernandez
The setting- name the time and place – note any symbolism if any – study the history of that period, for example, St. Petersburg in Russia at the end of the 19th century to perceive the world view of people at that time

1. St. Petersburg, Russia – Crime and Punishment was written in 1886. At the time the novel was written, St. Petersburg had been the nation's capital. St. Petersburg stands on the River Neva. This period covers one of the most active and changing periods in Russian history until the communist revolution. There were many radical ideas coming into Russia from Western European countries, especially France and Germany. Raskolnikov is a young liberal who has new and radical ideas. The author, Dostoiesky, believed that salvation was in the hands of Russia and would eventually rise to dominate the world.

There is symbolism within using St. Petersburg. First like Raskolnikov, St. Petersburg is going threw constant changes. Second they both have a high status. Raskolnikov believes he is an extraordinary man while St. Petersburg is the capital of Russia. Finally, they are both having turmoil. Raskolnikov must face the torture from his sin. St. Petersburg faces turmoil through the radical ideas seeping into the capital.

Other settings

2. Hay Market – where Raskolnikov finds out that Alyóna Ivánovna will be alone in her flat.

3. The police station – where Raskolnikov confesses his crime

4. Praskóvya Pavlóna's lodge – Raskolnikov's flat

5. Amália Ryodoróvna's lodge – Marmeladov famlily's flat

6. Kapernaúmov's lodge – Sonia's flat

The point of view – this pertains to point of view in the novel and in what Oedipus does and says in the play

The narrator is telling the story of Raskolnikov. Thus, the story is in third person because the narrator refers to the main character as "he." The narrator refrains from making...

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