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"Critical Interpretation"
Critical Interpretation
Carlos Hernandez
Critical Analysis: Extract of unknown Prose

In the passage given for critical Analysis, the Author reflects on stylistic values of Shakespeare and in the rhetoric of the writer, we are made aware of their opinions in their use of vocabulary and perhaps in some ways their factitious use of examples. The passage is made up of three paragraphs and is a non-fictional piece of prose, aided by the parenthesis of the author's lexicons. It is a non-diegetic, piece of writing as it is simply the beginning of some kind of essay on Shakespeare.

In parts, the extract is cumbersomely convoluted and facetious; including nouns used such as 'malignity' and 'veneration' to edify the authors point further on Shakespeare's works, alluded to in the second paragraph. Significantly on from this in the third paragraph, the author begins again with the first person pronoun of 'I' as in the first paragraph, that they will endeavour to show the subjects 'faults' in a somewhat fair way. Hyperbolically chosen is the pluralized noun of 'excellencies', suggesting to the reader the possibilities of the author's bias for the subject.

With regards to the use of trope in elevating Shakespeare, it is figuratively put when the author describes the subject of the extract 'one of the original masters of our language' and respectively this description is casually asserting the authors opinion (referring back to the hyperbole of 'excellencies'). The narrator of this piece of prose, promises the reader from their standpoint, that what has been said and implied by their use of lexis, is both from an knowledgeable personage with an eloquent and intelligent use for words as we read on. This opinion has been made, through extracting the flow of the prose, because although as stated before it can be sometimes convoluted and cumbersome (with example from the...

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essay on Critical Interpretation
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