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"Customer Focus Marketing"
Customer Focus Marketing
Cinthia De Ruiz

In today's world of marketing there are so many ways to market products and services. Whether it is to advertise it in newspapers, or magazines, or use commercials on radio or TV. The products or services we as business professionals want our customers to use need to be expressed in a manner that fits that individual customer. Therefore, using customer-focused marketing pinpoints the customer in a more personal way.

Customer-Focused Marketing


One of the most competitive markets today is in banking. Because of the way our communities run today, banks play a very high roll in business and personal venues. So a big part of banking is not the interest rate you pose or the investment value of your accounts. It's the customer convince and satisfaction you provide. In the old days banking was on a real personal scale. With face to face inter action with the customer being the primary way to bank. Due to technology things have been modified a little. With telephone banking, ATM's, and online bank management, Banks are forced in a none-verbal communication role. This can lead to many advantages to the customer, but it also could stray away from customer service. This is where customer-focused marketing strategies can help banks keep on top of customer service and technology together.

Quality Service

Eli Seggev, President of Marketing Strategy, and Planning, Inc., defines service as "The extent to which a provider satisfies its customers by meeting their expectations on all the relevant dimensions of service." He goes on by saying, "Customer expectation are not static, they change over time." This basically means meeting the customers needs on a high scale. Taking in to factor changes in the environment, a change in the customers' actual experience with services provided, and changes in the consumer him or herself going through life cycle...

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