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"Daily Workout Descriptive Essay"
Daily Workout Descriptive Essay
Gabrielle Gooch
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Daily Workout

These days in a world where people are looking at you different because you don't look like someone that comes out on T.V. So today you will find many people who are working out a lot in the gym. There are many ways that you can go into the gym and perform many exercises to get into shape. People have different ways to get in shape some just go into the gym to do cardiovascular exercise and others prefer to go and lift weights. As for myself I like to lift weights and do a little cardio. Over the years I have developed a workout plan which fits me. I am not a person who goes in there and is serious about it, I go in there to lift and keep my strength up. Here are some exercises I do and what order I do them in.

You would have to go into the gym and workout two different muscles a day. You put two muscles together that usually worked out at the same time. One day you would do chest & triceps, the next day you do shoulders & legs, and the following day you do back & biceps. You always end your workouts with doing some abs and also some cardio if you have time. Here are the workouts you do step by step:


Flat bench (dumbbell or bar) 4x10

Incline bench (dumbbell or bar) 3x10

Decline bench (dumbbell or bar) 3x10

Cable extensions 3x10

Dumbbell fly's 3x10


Standing pull downs 4x10

Over head extensions 3x10

Knee extensions 3x10

Dips 3x10


Military press (bar) 4x10

Military press (dumbbell) 3x10

Upright rows 3x10

Shoulder cable extensions 3x10

Reverse cable fly's 3x10


Squats 4x10

Leg press 3x10

Leg extensions 3x10

Hamstring extensions 3x10


Lat pull downs (front) 4x10

Lat pull downs (back) 3x10

Back rows 3x10

Pull ups 3x10

Biceps & Forearms and writs:

Sitting preacher bar 4x10

Standing bar curls 3x10

Concentration curls 3x10


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