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"Different uses of the –ING form from the student viewpoint"
Different uses of the –ING form from the student viewpoint
William Katz
Why I chose this topic

As used as it is, students still find it difficult to understand most of the uses of the –ing form. I do not believe there is any other member of all parts of speech that has such a wide range of functions and as much influence on our daily talks and writings as the –ing form. It is interesting to note that, standing alone, the gerund can function as noun, as verbs in non-finite noun clauses, as the complement of to be, as object of a preposition. Moreover, the difficulty that the –ing form posses regarding its translation into Spanish is also a matter to be considered. These are the reasons why I decided to focus my essay on this topic.

To begin with, the gerund is a noun in the form of the present participle of a verb (that is ending in –ing) which not only may be qualified by adjectives and adverbs but also it can be used with an article and can have a plural form, while the participles either function as verbal adjectives or operate as verbs in non-finite clauses.

In my opinion, the most commonly known function of the –ing form from the student viewpoint is that used in continuous tenses. Sentences including this form are intended to express simultaneity between the action and the time of speaking or between two or more actions which have not yet been finished, -as in the case of the Present Continuous and the Past Continuous- or which have just stopped -as in the case of the Present Perfect Continuous.

However, being able to determine when to use the –ing form is not that simple. To begin with, there are several verbs that are followed by –ing, such as: enjoy, mind, suggest, stop, delay, imagine, consider, admit, miss,...

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"Different uses of the –ING form from the student viewpoint." Aug 21, 2018
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essay on Different uses of the –ING form from the student viewpoint
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