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"Digital Communication Systems"
Digital Communication Systems
Gelinde Cobbs
GPS (Global Positioning System): is a communications network consisting of 24 satellites orbiting the Earth at an altitude of about 17600km, it allows people to find the approximate whereabouts and coordinates of their location with GPS receivers.

The satellites are in constant contact with radar communication stations on Earth. These radio communication stations inform the satellites of their exact location with respect to the Earth's surface.

All the GPS satellites are equipped with precisely accurate atomic clocks; this allows all radio signals have information about the time it was sent. Because the speed of light and the location of the satellites are known, the location of a receiver can be calculated if it is in a direct line of sight with at least 3 satellites.

CDs (Compact Disc): consist of a metallic disc coated in plastic it has a microscopic spiral track, which has numerous pits. The pits represents 1 in the digital binary code of a CD which is made up of billions 0s and 1s.

The laser in CD reading devices moves along one third of its diameter on one side while the CD spins, the laser can detect the pits and therefore it can "read" CDs.

DVDs (Diverse Video Disc): are similar to CDs but with a much larger storage capacity (approximately 4 times larger) which is made possible by compressed tracks which are densely packed together.

Internet: also known as the World Wide Web the internet can be described as the biggest amalgamation of knowledge, entertainment, and rubbish. It also supplies people with various means of communication.

The internet consists of steams digital wavelengths of binary code data which is sent through national and international phone this is usually data from website servers which store web sites in their hard drives. Dial up internet is the most commonly used form of internet access...

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