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"Discussion of three works from antiquity"
Discussion of three works from antiquity
Alyscia Yellowman
In visiting the Metropolitan museum of art in New York City I have chosen to discuss a group of three ancient Greek works. I have chosen three because I would like to emphasis the changes that have taken place from the Archaic period through the classical period to the Hellenistic period. Greek art has had and still has a tremendous influence in art, as we know it today. I have chosen pieces that illustrate some of the major evolutions of sculpture through ancient Greece. Through my travel in Europe I have been fortunate to see first hand both original Greek works and the influence these works played in roman times, up through the return to classical antiquity, the Renaissance, and through today.

The first piece of artwork I would like to discuss is the New York Kouros. The Kouros statues were used as funerary markers. This particular Kouros was created around 600 B.C.E and is made out of marble. The technique used is known as a deduction process. The technique consists of starting with a solid slab of marble and then chipping away to reveal the sculpture. It is during this time period when the Greeks become interested in the accuracy of the male anatomy. More emphasis is placed on musculature and the definition of human elements. This time period is soon after the geometric era. The geometric, abstract forms on the sculpture give rise to the anatomical details that are executed in equivalent patterns. One can observe that rather than rounded definition, the muscles are displayed with a line technique. It is also during this time that we start to see freestanding sculpture. In this freestanding sculpture the Greeks try and capture a sense of movement. One foot is placed in front of the other to indicate the movement. The...

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