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"Do Athletes Get Paid Too Much Classification Essay"
Do Athletes Get Paid Too Much Classification Essay
Veronica Gardner
Athletes are amazing human beings. They have incredible strength and durability. They spend hours of time training and preparing all for the sport they love; or is it for the money? Nowadays, in professional sports all the big time athletes have an agent. An agent deals with negotiating contracts, which ultimately determines how much money the player makes. There are three types of paid athletes: the ones who get paid way too much, the ones who get paid way too little for the job they do, and the ones that have to earn every dollar they make. There is a question that has plagued old men sitting around the barbershop for years: Do pro athletes get paid too much?

Owners of teams all around the U.S. spend big money for a certain player that can jump higher or hit the ball harder or complete more passes. Some teams spend most of their salary cap, a set amount of money they can pay all of their players put together, on one player, leaving the rest of the team to be paid little to nothing compared to other players. Now, the players that are paid a lot of money do make outstanding plays on more than one occasion, but are a few good plays worth millions of dollars? Another reason an owner would pay "the big bucks" to a player is for publicity. If a team has one player that a lot of fans will pay to come see, total revenue goes up and the owner can then bring in more high caliber players, thus making his team better.

But this overpaid player sometimes means all the other players get paid way too little. The underpaid players, such as baseball's bullpen or football's and basketball's second-string players, are just as capable of playing at...

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