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"Dream Thieves"
Dream Thieves
Kelly G Hess

Readers would not imagine it, but several things happened in Langston Hughes's 11-line poem "Harlem," which was written in 1951. In "Harlem," the author formally implies the many ways African American dreams can be deferred. In our American culture, 1951 was a year which still involved much segregation, so all the dreams of the Harlem Society could not become reality. Langston asks the readers to find the relationship of dreams that are being postponed and why.

To begin with, the very first line of the poem states: "What happens to a dream deferred?"(Line 1) well it is obvious that the author might be substituting characteristics of irony, because the first line should not have been a question. The line simply should have been a statement; dreams are being deferred, if Harlem does not like it, then tough! The dreams were not being put off by the dream-seekers; they were clearly being automatically removed from African Americans as if they had no choice. The rest of the lines in the poem show what is happening to those dreams being deferred, Hughes uses metaphors, similes and analogies, to show the reader that, instead of being blunt. Many readers may agree or disagree with Hughes's answers to the first question of the poem; his answer's being the questions that he is asking the reader. For example, when he clearly asks "Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?" (Lines 2-3), he is in all actuality giving an answer to his question, believe it or not. This quote is stating that dreams are going to disappear and shrink up and get smaller and smaller until somebody makes a



Furthermore, if one read this poem then they would come up with several explanations of maybe why Hughes wrote this poem or why the author uses...

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