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"Drug and alcohol"
Drug and alcohol
Chad Boger
A. Introduction .

Many American view alcohol as one of the "good things" of life, while others advocate total abstinence. Although most Americans have a negative view of drugs such as heroin, they consider a drugs a benefit.

Many people believe that consuming drugs or alcohol they will feel warm and relax but the use and abuse of other drugs affect nearly all American people directly or indirectly. Moreover, some Americans began to warn about the dangers of addiction.

To know how alcohol and drugs is dangerous, people need to understand the terms addiction, abuse, and alcoholic. Firstly, a person who is dependent on alcohol is called an alcoholic. Secondly, abuse is defined as the improper use of alcohol and other drugs to degree that the consequence are defined as detrimental to user or to society. Finally, addiction has been called a "brain disease" because continued abuse of a drug causes changes in bran function that drive the addict to compulsive seeking and use of the drugs.(Leshner 1998).

Our focus in this assignment or research paper will be on abuse, which include addiction. We will look at the different types of drugs and their effects (including alcohol, which is a drug itself). We will the examine alcohol and other drugs, looking a pattern of use, types, effect on the quality of life, and ways people and government have attempted to cope with these problem.

Types and effects.

There are different types of alcohol and drugs. All alcoholic beverages contain the same drug, ethyl alcohol or ethanol, but the proportion varies in different beverages. Also, there are five main types of nonalcoholic drugs such as Narcotics, Depressants, Stimulants, Hallucinogens, Cannabis.

A small amount of alcohol can result in changes in an individual's mood and behavior, and as the concentration of alcohol in the blood increases, there are corresponding...

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