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"Economic Thought of Karl Marx"
Economic Thought of Karl Marx
Karl Marx was born in Frier, Germany, in 1818. Karl Marx is the person who created the idea of Communism. He did many things to help Communism during his life. To start it off, in January 1846, he set up a Communist Correspondence Committee to link together all of the socialist leaders that were living in different parts of Europe. Then, because of his ideas, Socialists in England were influenced by his ideas held a conference in London where they formed the Communist League.

After the Communist League was formed Marx founded a branch in Brussels. In a meeting of the Communist League's central committee in London, in December of 1847 many things were decided. Belonging to this committee Marx and others decided on the main goals. The main aims of the organization were to overthrow the bourgeoisie, the domination of the proletariat, the abolition of the old bourgeoisie society based on class antagonisms, and the establishment of a new society without classes and without private property. Now the last characteristic resembles the main idea of modern day Communism. Karl Marx wrote a 12,000 word Communist Manifesto in sex weeks. The Communist Manifesto was published in February of 1948. The following month after the Manifesto was published he was expelled from Belgium. Karl Marx also established a Committee for public safety. This committee helped protect people from authorities because some were hurt or bothered because of their political beliefs. During his life he lived in many countries and spread his idea of Communism throughout the world. The reason why he stayed in different countries was because he was expelled from some because of his beliefs. Karl Marx is a very big figure in the history of the world because many countries use the idea of Communism in their country. In some...

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essay on Economic Thought of Karl Marx
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