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""Education for leisure" by Caroline Duffy"
"Education for leisure" by Caroline Duffy
Joel Chibota
Answer the following questions on the poem 'Education for Leisure' by Carol Anne Duffy in the form of an essay:

Why do you thin Duffy uses language in the way she does?

What effects do you think she wants to achieve, and how does she use language to achieve it?

How successful do you find the poem?

In the poem 'Education for Leisure' Carol Anne Duffy used language in order do draw the reader into the mind of someone who seems to be a bit psychotic and allows the reader to explore someone else's mind. To begin with, the title, 'Education for Leisure,' implies that the poem is going to be based around the idea of maybe extra curricular activities. However this is contradicted by the picture of a knife beside the poem which suggests that there will be a more sinister direction to the poem. This is because knives often represent murder.

In the opening Stanza the use of short sentences by Duffy makes the poem seem more menacing and it also contributes to the reader feeling as though the are directly experiencing the thoughts of the narrator as they are going through his/her mind, 'Today I'm going to kill something. Anything.' Duffy then uses pathetic fallacy in order to express the emotions of the reader, 'It is an ordinary day, a sort of grey with boredom stirring in the streets.' I think she does this in order to create an atmosphere for the reader to enter as they are drawn into the mind of the narrator.

Duffy places the reader directly into the mind of this potential killer, in the second stanza, as 'I squash a fly against the window' as 'We did at school.' The effect of this is that the reader begins to create a personal connection to the narrator and their...

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""Education for leisure" by Caroline Duffy." Sep 23, 2018
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essay on "Education for leisure" by Caroline Duffy
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