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"Essay about Friendship"
Essay about Friendship
Cinthia De Ruiz
Hanging With The Wrong Crowd

Choosing your friends is one of the most important decisions that a person can make. Why? Because you have to choose your friends wisely. It is especially important in your teenage years because your friends will have a major influence on your decisions. Friends also have a major impact on our lives. They can affect the way we dress, the way we talk, the people we choose to date, and the activities we choose to get involved in.

The point I am trying to make, however, is what can happen if you do not choose wisely. I have made some mistakes in the past because of who I have chosen to befriend. Some people who I have thought were my friends turned out to be the opposite because they tried to pressure me into different things.

One of my personal experiences with the wrong crowd happened with a girl who I met in grade 9. I'm just going to call her "Ashley" (not her real name). When I met Ashley, she seemed like a great girl. She was funny, caring and easy to get along with. But that was just what she was making it look like at the time. She turned out to be annoying and very abusive and very stuck-up when we got to know her. She would always hit and kick and pinch my friend and I and she got us into a lot of trouble at school. My mother always said that she would end up bringing my best friend and I down with her. She said that one of these days, Ashley would get caught doing something wrong and my best friend and I would be in just as much trouble.

The day finally came when my best friend and I told Ashley that...

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