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"Essay about myself"
Essay about myself
Ryan Wilkins
We all view each other in different ways. Some are positive, while some are negative. That all depends on our personalities, and what we are looking for in a person. Maybe you expect someone to be or act a certain way, but they are the exact opposite.

Over the weekend, I talked to my parents, and asked them how they view me. They gave me two responses: as a daughter, and as a person. Those two are completely different subjects. As their daughter, they are required to look out for me and to help me throughout the way. However, they realize that I increasing independence. I am not still a child, but not yet an adult. Also, compared to my eight year old brother, my part in the family holds more responsibility. As a person, they understand that I have my own mind and I will make my own decisions whether they are right or wrong. I will learn from the consequences no matter what the decision may be. When I put my mind to it, I can succeed. This means that I am very capable of doing whatever I want to with my future. They trust me in making a decision that makes me happy, as well as being good for me.

I also talked to a lot of my friends this weekend and asked them the same question. They first said that I am definitely a friend in need. When they are depressed or angry about something, I am able to cheer them up very quickly by being funny, and by giving them good advice. They also say that I am very nice; not only to them, but also to other people as well.

Talking to everybody about this made me wonder about how I view myself. I view myself in...

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