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"Essay on biological diversity"
Essay on biological diversity
Andres Cisneros
Without biological diversity our planet will have a hard time supporting the growing human race, and yet by acting quickly and wisely we can stem this loss of diversity. The first step we must take in continuing the development of biodiversity is to gain understanding of it. What is biodiversity? On its basic level, biodiversity is the grand assortment of the many and varied forms of life and their habitats. There is diversity at the minute level that is represented by each species gene-pool. A glance around in a public shopping center will quickly reveal many variations in the human gene-pool. We can also find diversity shown by the different species of living organisms and plants on earth. To date scientists have identified 1.75 million species: however, estimates for the total range from three to one hundred million with an average consensus of fourteen million. On the larger scale, diversity is found with the many ecosystems of the planet; such as: deserts, coral reefs, rain forests, swamps, and oceans to name a few.

As we the human race have evolved as an integral part of our planet, we must wonder how we will fare without the diversity nature originally provided. The importance of biodiversity can be seen readily in some of the services and goods ecosystems provide. For example, swamps and wetlands give us essential water purification. These ecosystems make use of their various plants, animals, and micro-organisms to act as sponges. These "sponges" filter sediments and toxins from inflowing waters. Another example of this importance is pollination. By the actions of animals and insects our commercially grown crops are pollinated. Farming is worth six to twelve billion a year to our country. A little known fact is that many of the ecosystems contain the natural enemies of many disease carrying...

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