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"Essay on Handicap Button"
Essay on Handicap Button
Shelia Olander
Why do people press the handicap button? It seems like a question not often asked. Our teacher Dr dushay seemed to be boggle by this concept. Our class chose to do a scientific study on this odd question. We needed to come up with a way of answering this question without bias or anything of that sort getting in the way of true results. We all came up with some theoretical reasons why most people use the handicap button. They were as follows: Students are lazy, Its faster than doing it by hand, Its more convenient than doing it by hand, Because their hands are full, students are fascinated by gadgets, the door is simply too heavy, We don't want to hold the door for other people, It's a habit, and we're afraid of catching germs. These were the just of the most applicable reasons that were thought up by our class. From these guesses we generally needed to find out which was true of the majority of button users. Along with what peoples views are on the usage of the button. In class we decided that we would make up a survey of questions that would somehow clarify the answer to our big question. We also would observe the buildings that have handicap buttons. Doing both a survey and observations helps us see weather or not our findings were tainted in any way. All in all I personally believed that the reason why people use the button is that they are lazy, majority of the class believed so too. People are taught and learn from an early age to take the easy way out, and to save their energy; which is just an excuse to be lazy. This question can be an interesting thing to do a study on...

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