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"Essay on Human Communications"
Essay on Human Communications
Ryan Wilkins
Communicating is vital for humans to get along without any problems or hurt feelings. Without communication it's hard for people to understand what's on your mind. This is important so people can know how you're feeling and understand where you are coming from. Communicating is also important in a relationship. Both people have to have understanding and knowledge of each others feelings. Sometime communicating can also get you out of bad situations. Communicating helps people get along better and also helps people to be more comfortable. Over all communicating is important to all of us as humans so we can live in a comfortable and safe environment.

If people didn't communicate with others how would they know what you were thinking? If a person didn't tell how they felt then there could be an uncomfortable situation. Also if people dident know how to communicate all the good ideas wouldn't be . If all the inventors were quiet about there ideas where would we be now? We would be in a boring lifeless world.

The time when communicating is most important is in a relationship. The two people have to have a closer connection than they do with other people. Without communicating there is no way that this connection can take place. Also when there's an argument, there has to be some way for both people to talk without starting more problems. Most of the time arguments happen because of a miscommunication or misunderstandings. So if you want a relationship to work the it has to be based on communicating.

Talking can also get you out of tight situations. If you were accused for something that you didn't do the only way out is by communicating. It always happens, someone does something and you get blamed for it. If you don't say anything then...

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