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"Essay on My Defense Mechanisms"
Essay on My Defense Mechanisms
Gelinde Cobbs
Everyone uses different defense mechanisms to help them get through frustrating experiences. There are three major types of defensive mechanisms that I use most frequently: rationalization, verbal aggression, and displacement.

I often rationalize a situation before getting mad, that is, I often try to consider all courses of actions and choose one that will lead to my desired end result. Is it really worth it, or what is there to gain? Consequently, I often avoid a confrontation or bad a situation by taking to time to think before I speak. This avoidance of conflict helps me keep my stress level to a minimum at the same time it prevents be from speaking out sometimes. I began doing this as a child looking for ways to avoid arguing with my stepfather. He, like others I know, always enjoys a good argument. He is very talented in finding the shortcomings of others. As a boy I can remember arguments starting over a spot I missed while vacuuming the living room. But, only after repeated arguments, did I learn that it was not worth the aggravation to defend myself at all times. Because there are so many individuals like my stepfather that take pleasure in aggravating others for their personal enjoyment, is why I seek the rational answer to the problem. Instead of being drawn into the argument, I rationalize the situation and either try to ignore the problem or just walk away.

I also have the tendency to be verbally aggressive when I feel angry or frustrated. Although I try to think before I speak during an argument, I often find myself so frustrated, I cannot verbally express myself and make sense at the same time. So, I usually end up exploding with verbal gibberish, bringing up non-related issues into the conversation. I...

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