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"Essay on Psychology "
Essay on Psychology
Tricia F. Doyle
Psychology is the science of human behavior and mental processes. Psychologists study four important themes including action-oriented research, the brain and behavior, the relationship between nature and nurture, and the influences of human diversity. My own personal psychological motto would be "no excuses." The perspective that I most agree with in psychology is the functionalist perspective. The functionalist perspective integrates behavior into the structure. It is also similar to the belief of "survival of the fittest." I can relate well to the functionalist perspective because I believe through behavior you may determine your own success. The perspective that makes the least amount of sense to me is the psychoanalytic perspective which declares that the emotional problems people encounter throughout life are the result of anxiety causes by unresolved conflicts. I do not agree with this perspective because it blames problems on conflicts that I believe can be overcome. If I selected Psychology as a major I would be most interested in the study of behaviorism because I believe we are conditioned to act a certain way in each situation.

I learned that there are many different forms of intelligence and just because a person is considered intelligent in one form does not mean he is intelligent in another. Creativity is another form of intelligence in which a person has the ability to see a problem in a different light and come up with untraditional solution to the problem. I learned that looking at problems through different point of views such as practically and analytically can help me improve my own ability to solve problems. The theory of intelligence I most agree with is Sternberg's Triarchic Theory because he underlying principle is that I doesn't matter how much intelligence we have, it only matters whether or not we use it. I also...

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